Trutek Europe Ltd. is the UK distributor of NasalGuard® AllergieBLOCK® and NasalGuard® Cold&FluBLOCK® and is located in Hayes, Middlesex United Kingdom. Trutek Europe Ltd. is the 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Trutek Corp. USA.

NasalGuard® AllergieBLOCK® Gel and NasalGuard Cold&FLuBLOCK® Gel are registered trademarks of Trutek Corp. - a USA headquartered company that is the patent holder of NasalGuard® technology as well as the manufacturer and distributor of NasalGuard® products in the USA and to global markets.

Trutek Corp., based in Somerville, New Jersey USA, is active in Intellectual Property Development, R&D and Manufacturing of Topical Allergy Prevention Products, Nasal Particle Blocker, Skincare Products (such as Hand, Face, & Body Moisturizers) and Hair Conditioners.
The company manufactures, markets and distributes NasalGuard® and its patented methodology.

NasalGuard® AllergieBLOCK® – an ‘Allergen Block Topical Gel’ is a patented methodology that reduces the inhalation of airborne contaminants from entering the nasal passage to help reduce allergy symptoms. It is a preventative treatment to avoid occurrence of allergies caused by airborne allergens. NasalGuard is drug-free, has no side effects, is non-drowsy allergy prevention product that is safe for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

NasalGuard® Cold&FluBlock® helps reduce the likelihood of getting sick from airborne cold & flu viruses and it is drug-free!. It is also a clinically-proven, preventative topical gel that is non-drowsy, nondrug and safe for everyone in the family.

Both NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK and NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK are MHRA Registered.