Are you seeking safe, effective and affordable Hay Fever Allergy Relief?

NasalGuard Gel is Non-Drowsy, NonDrug and MHRA Registered.
Over 12 Million people worldwide have benefited to stop seasonal allergies and perennial allergies.

Why NasalGuard Gels?

NasalGuard® AllergieBLOCK Gel is allergy relief through a non-drowsy, nondrug gel that creates an invisible barrier around your nasal passages which protects against pollen, pet dander, dust and other airborne allergens from entering your body. If you would like to prevent allergy symptoms like sneezing, nasal congestion and itchy or runny nose then use NasalGuard gel early and often. Achieve freedom from allergies with NasalGuard AllergieBLOCK Gel!

NasalGuard® Cold&FluBLOCK Gel is a non-drowsy, nondrug gel that creates a personal air filter around your nose to protect against airborne viruses. If you would like to reduce the likelihood of getting sick from cold and flu viruses then use NasalGuard gel before symptoms begin and throughout the cold and flu season. Avoid suffering with NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK!

Of course the products are MHRA Registered and are safe for everyone in the family - including children of all ages, pregnant women, nursing moms and seniors. NasalGuard Technology is patented, the gel captures airborne particles using slight electrostatic charges. Remember, just like sunscreen, apply NasalGuard Gels before entering areas with airborne allergens or viruses and reapply as directed.