Cold & Flu Remedies & Treatments

Cold and flu is common in winter, and it peaks between the months of January and March. A nasty cold and flu is often one of the worst conditions that hamper our daily lives.

Cold & Flu Causes & Symptoms

A cold or flu infection occurs when the airborne viruses enter the nasal tract and trigger a reaction of the body’s immune system. The symptoms of cold and flu include fever, headache, sore throat, cough, and aching joints and muscles, as well as stuffy and runny nose and sneezing.

The common cold can be caused by more than 200 viruses, however, usually it is the Rhinovirus or Corona virus which cause more than 60% of the common cold incidents. Rhinovirus enters your body mostly through your nose and some through the mouth.

Seasonal flu is generally caused by either influenza A or B viruses; the common symptoms of the flu are fever, tiredness, aches and pains. Influenza B usually causes a milder illness, and is most seen in children.

Why Kids & Mums Suffer Most from Cold & Flu

Kids and mums suffer the most from colds. Children get colds 5 to 6 times per year probably because of close contact with other children during the day and a lower immune system, while adults get colds 2 to 3 times per year. On average, women between the ages of 20 and 30 get more colds than men, possibly because of their regular close proximity to children.

Remedies for Cold & Flu

Cold and flu remedies and treatments are necessary to combat the problem. But you need to find the right preventive measure to make sure you are well protected from the irritating symptoms of the diseases.

Most people react to colds by reaching for medicines or other home remedies after the fact. Medicines may cause drowsiness or interfere with other medications. Common colds are caused by viruses, and antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses, therefore antibiotics mostly do not work on common colds. And of course, taking too much medicine could lead to some long term side effects.

Others choose to treat symptoms, like sinus congestion, with natural remedies to loosen or remove mucus including: inhaling steam, taking a hot shower, drinking peppermint tea, or irrigation.

How do you protect from seasonal influenza? Opt for the NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK Gel. With its safe and effective formula, this clear gel can help you stay safe from the onslaught of the unwelcomed disease and its annoying symptoms.

Why Choose NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK Gel? Here are the reasons.

Safe: The drug-free formula of the gel makes it ideal for everyone. Even kids, the elderly and pregnant women can use the gel to keep the virus at bay and safeguard against the nasty cold and flu.

Effective: NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK Gel creates an invisible barrier that prevents the cold and flu virus from entering the nasal tract. This eliminates the possibility of contracting the disease, even if you are at risk.

Affordable: Using the gel as directed involves minimal cost; so, you need not worry about the expense when you decide to use the gel to prevent falling prey to the cold and flu viruses in the air around you.

Don’t let the seasonal cold and flu bother you; instead opt for the right remedy today.

Cold & flu remedies and treatments aim to help you stay healthy and happy, a goal you can achieve with NasalGuard Cold&FluBLOCK Gel. With regular application, you can be free from the threat of seasonal influenza every winter.

Easy to use and carry, the gel is great for use by the entire family at all times.


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