Allergy Prevention vs. Treatment

How it Works

An old proverb says "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Why spend time, money, energy, and sometimes even pain, treating allergy symptoms after they occur?

As you know, most allergy medications (pills and sprays) on the market treat allergy symptoms after the suffering starts. But as soon as the medicine starts to wear off, those symptoms start coming back in full force…because typical allergy products mask symptoms rather than eliminate them. Sometimes these “cures” even cause worse side effects.

The NasalGuard difference?
In a word, PREVENTION.

The inspiration to develop NasalGuard® Allergy Blocking Gel started with one simple thought -

What if...we could prevent airborne allergens from even getting into our body?
No allergens inside the body means no allergy symptoms to treat!

The resulting product, NasalGuard® AllergyBLOCK Gel has a slightly positive-charge that attracts negatively-charged airborne allergens and traps them outside the nasal passages. NasalGuard Gel creates an invisible barrier that acts as a personal air filter that stays with you indoors and outdoors. When used as directed, NasalGuard Gel prevents allergy symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, runny and itchy nose. NasalGuard is safe for everyone including pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and the elderly. And since it is drug-free, non-drowsy and has no side effects, NasalGuard Gel can be used everyday of the year by chronic allergy sufferers or only when needed by seasonal allergy sufferers! Remember: As a preventative product, NasalGuard Allergy Blocking Gel is applied beforehand (like sunscreen) to prevent pollen, ragweed, dust mites, pet dander and house dust from entering your system before they trigger any allergy symptoms.